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Bethany Medical is open to everyone! No appointments are necessary, we have walk-ins available. We understand that people have busy lives and we are here to help with those unexpected illnesses or injuries.


We provide Family and Internal Medicine services 7 days a week, no appointment necessary. All providers are accepting new patients.


We provide prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the digestive tract and liver at our state-of-the-art endoscopy center.


Bethany Medical Pain Clinics offer a full spectrum of pain management services including treatment for chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, joint pain, arthritis, back pain, and neck pain.

Would you like to request an appointment?

Would you like to request an appointment?

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From Allergy Testing to X-Rays, Bethany Medical offers an array of services to cover your health needs under one roof.
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Allergy Testing, Medical Services

Allergy Testing and Treatment

x-ray, ultrasound

X-Ray & Ultrasounds

covid19 testing, antibody testing

COVID-19 Testing

Bethany Medical Patient Corner

Our mission is to provide excellent care through a multi-specialty approach from prevention to the intervention of potentially life-threatening health problems. Read our blog articles below to keep up-to-date with important health news, research, and tips.

Men’s Health – Mental Health Awareness

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month, and we couldn’t be more excited about sharing some insights. Unfortunately, mental health in men is often overlooked or ignored altogether. By educating people more about mental health issues in men, we can make a positive difference in how people view and discuss men’s mental health. At Bethany Medical,…

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Many people struggle with mental illness. In fact, 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. suffer from a mental disorder in a given year. As a society, we have been paying more attention than ever to mental health in the past few years, largely due to COVID-19. When the coronavirus hit, people were forced to…

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Sleep Hygiene

The Importance of Sleep Hygiene What is Sleep Hygiene? Sleep Hygiene refers to both your sleep environment and behavior. Setting a strict sleep schedule, following a bedtime routine, forming healthy habits, and optimizing your bedroom are all part of good hygiene. The CDC estimates that about 1 in 3 people in the U.S. don’t get…

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